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    Bridgestone International General Warranty Policy

    We warrantee to our purchaser that the tires, tubes, flaps, bearing any one of the Bridgestone trademarks² (hereinafter Products) that we have sold to our purchaser are free from defects in material and workmanship.

    Our warranty to our purchaser is subject to the following conditions.

    Product failures caused by any one of the following categories are not covered by this warranty:

    • roducts that have been improperly used or operated (i.e. not according to their normal usage), including, without limitation: improper inflation pressure, overloading, tyre/wheel spinning, use of an improper wheel, tyre chain damage, misuse, misapplication, negligence, or tyre alteration.
    • Products that have been improperly maintained including, without limitation: failure to rotate tyres as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, wheel misalignment, worn suspension components, improper tyre mounting or demounting, tyre/wheel assembly imbalance, and running flat.
    • Products used beyond the original tread life, that is, to the point where the wear indicators are exposed.
    • Products that have been repaired, reclaimed, re-grooved or retreaded.
    • Products without sufficient explanatory information as to the nature of the defect.
    • Products that have been damaged from road hazards, including, without limitation: puncture, cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise, bulge, snag etc
    • Products that have been affected by defective brakes or shock absorbers, oil or chemical exposure, fire or other externally generated heat, water or other material, the use of tire chains, wreck or collision, mechanical damage, or wilful damage or abuse, or any other factor causing damage to the Product which is not attributed to design, material, workmanship or product process.
    • Products that have been used for racing or other competition events, or used off-road when not designed for such usage.
    • Products that have been purchased as used.
    • Products used as original equipment on new vehicles, and where a separate vehicle manufacturer’s warranty applies (refer to your vehicle’s warranty guide).
    • Products suffering from any other damage caused the end user’s improper acts or omissions.

    Unless otherwise expressly provided by applicable local law, if we accept our purchaser’s warranty claim, we will at our discretion offer one of the following exclusive remedies:

    • Repair of the defective part of the Product including necessary labour and services required to repair the Product;
    • Replacement with the same kind of product as the defective Product;
    • An appropriate reduction of the price originally paid for the Product having regard to the original tread depth of the tyre and its remaining tread depth at the time of notification of the defect to us Our representatives or persons authorised by us will take the final decision on whether or not the Product is defective and whether or not such defect(s) are attributed to the material or workmanship.In no event shall Bridgestone be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damage resulting from the use of a Product or arising out of any breach of any express or implied warranty.
    • This express, limited, contractual warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
    • The laws of the country where we sold the Products to our purchaser apply to this warranty policy.
    • This warranty policy applies to sales made to our purchaser as from 7 May 2012 and may be modified for future sales at any time by any means of communication, inclusively by posting on our website. This warranty policy replaces any warranty policy issued at an earlier date.

       Includes Bridgestone Europe NV/SA as well as its direct subsidiaries.
       Covers trademarks either owned by Bridgestone Europe or of which Bridgestone Europe is a licensee
       Date of issue of this warranty policy: 7 May 2012