Auto Express
  • ⇒  1) Corona Virus Update: Whenever Possible our center tremains open as usual and our mobile fitting service continoues to operate. 2) Current (COVID) Timings are MON - FRI 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. 3) All visitors will be checked with Infra-Red Thermometer. Elevated temperature persons will be requested to wait outside. 4) Visitors are required to wear a face mask while on-site. 5) keep yourself informed and updated by visiting the Goverment Website

    It isn't always convenient to get to a tyre shop. Maybe you’re too busy at work, maybe you’re tired of Lahore’s traffic jams, perhaps parking at the store is a nightmare. Many people with expensive cars are afraid to take them into busy, congested markets.
    At AutoExpress, our experienced fitters can come to your home or office and change your tyres while you get on with your life. No need to take time off work, no wasted journey times, no waiting around a tyre centre half the day – use our mobile fitting service and remove all the hassles.
    Our service can also be invaluable to female clients apprehensive to deal with dodgy shopkeepers in grimy markets, as well as elderly customers and people with mobility or health issues.
    Our team of tyre fitters are polite, well trained, experienced and up to date with tyre technology. We are honest and honour our commitments.
    Use our website to choose and purchase tyres and to book an appointment to suit you at a location of your choice. We only ask. at the location is safe for our fitters and anyone who may need to get past our vehicle. You can also call us to speak to a member of staff to discuss your needs.
    The AutoExpress mobile tyre fitting service can be purchased for most areas of Lahore – contact us to confirm if we can come to your location.
    You can pay for all your requirements using our website, bank transfer or a whole host of other E-Payment methods. Our fitters do not handle cash, so payment must be made in advance.
    Our professional service includes new tubeless valves, digital wheel-balancing and Nitrogen Inflation (at additional cost – select on the website). We can even take away your scrap/old tyres if you like.
    Book yourself an appointment from the available schedules. A member of staff will call you back to understand the address and confirm everything. Then sit back and we will do the rest!.