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Shahbaz Shah

2006-2008 Professional Electrician Tire Servicer Professional Mechanic
2006-2010 Professional Electrician Tire Servicer Professional Mechanic

Team member

Shahbaz Shah

Shabaz is the Regional Head (North) for Pakistan Rubber & Tyre Company – the sole
distributors of Bridgestone Tyres in all Pakistan since 1953.
He is has a Master’s Degree from the University of Leeds, UK – and
has also completed training courses from the Bridgestone/Firestone
Training and Communication Centre, a part of Bridgestone Thailand.
He is certified ‘Advanced’ in tire knowledge, technical knowledge,
and sales and marketing knowledge. Additionally he has over 15 years of
hands-on experience with tyres and in particular the Bridgestone brand.

Area of practice

✓ Installers and contractors

✓ Domestic ventilation

✓ Ventilation systems

✓ Heat recovery


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