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Aqib Hussain – Auto Express

Aqib Hussain

2006-2008 Professional Electrician Tire Servicer Professional Mechanic
2016-2018 Professional Electrician Tire Servicer Professional Mechanic

Team member

Aqib Hussain

Aqib is our other senior fitter, and has been with our company since 2007. He is well versed in the technicalities of tyres, their fitting and balancing. Furthermore, he is our main salesperson for Lenso Alloy Wheels. Aqib has significant experience in fitting awkward combinations of fancy Alloy Wheels and ultra low-profiletyres. He is a likeable hard-worker, who’s first priority is customer satisfaction.

Area of practice

✓ Installers and contractors

✓ Domestic ventilation

✓ Ventilation systems

✓ Heat recovery


Office Location #405, Lan Streen, Los Vegas, USA
Contact Email: joanne@yourdomin.com