1) Corona Virus Update: Whenever Possible our center tremains open as usual and our mobile fitting service continoues to operate. 2) Current (COVID) Timings are MON - FRI 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. 3) All visitors will be checked with Infra-Red Thermometer. Elevated temperature persons will be requested to wait outside. 4) Visitors are required to wear a face mask while on-site. 5) keep yourself informed and updated by visiting the Goverment Website www.covid.gov.pk

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Tyre Dealer is a leading provider of automotive preventive maintenance. With a national footprint of more than 2,000 franchisee owned service centers across the country, offers a range of services from oil changes and tire rotations, to everything in between.

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Have questions about your ride, or why certain services are necessary? If you don’t have a chance to talk to a highly trained® technician in person, take in some knowledge from our resource center.

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You should change your oil as often as your vehicle manufacturer recommends, as all cars are different. Typically, this information is in the owner’s manual, or in a separate get warranty here.

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The Nationwide Limited Warranty Program offers a written limited nationwide parts and labor warranty to customers.